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Stock photography sites sell high resolution images for commercial, or personal use. If you’re wondering where they all come from, they are continuously submitted from a wide range of photographers, both amateur and professional. They pay for these items either in cash or in other forms. These photos are not original, but a lot of people use them on a regular basis.  these types of photos are great for mock-ups and comps. Since these photos are cheap and can be downloaded right away, stock photography sites are very useful. There are countless stock photo and microstock sites available online today, so I have narrowed it down for you and brought you our recommending list of best stock photo sites that you should check out for your next project.


iStock (Getty Images)

iStock offers millions of royalty-free videos, illustrations, images, and tunes at very low prices. The site has pictures on every category you can ever imagine from family to food. Browse their extensive categories, and you will see why they are considered to be the most well known name in this industry. iStock Customers – get 15% off any credit packs of 18 or more. Use coupon code 15ISTOCK18 during checkout.


Reseller Photo Packages

Buy this stock photo package and get instant access to all 4,200 Photos within their database! All photos comes with full master resell rights, which means that you can re-use, resell, give away or do with them whatever you wish. Their collection is of high quality useful and applicable images, making this a great deal if you are need to use multiple images for any reason.


Envato Market

Envato Market offers millions of digital products for photographers, designers, producers, illustrators and developers around the world. Do you need something for your creative project? Then Envato Market is the way to go as it has tons of templates, themes, photos, graphics, tunes, plugins, and more. These items are sold at very low prices.


Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos sells royalty-free vector images, videos and photos at very low prices. Deposit Photos also sells affordable monthly subscriptions as well as prepaid ones fitting almost every budget out there. One of this site’s perks is that you have tons of languages to choose from as well as HD images and other digital products.



Shutterstock has around 47 million images and 40,000 new images are added every single day. The service is used by illustrators and photographers from 100 countries due to its simple and fair pricing model, which allows you to pay either by month or by image.



Fotolia sells millions of photos, videos, vectors and illustrations in a wide range of categories. With 41 million items including royalty-free videos, images and vectors, Fotolia is one of the best options in the stock photography industry. In addition to this, the site offers different plans meeting every need.



Photodune is a part of the Envato Market. They offer royalty-free stock photos at very low prices. When we say low prices, we mean it as you will get any photo for as low as $1, which is truly amazing. In addition to this, Photodune’s high quality photos will be a delight for your eyes.



Bigstock not only boasts millions of royalty-free images and videos but the site also offers online courses. In addition to this, you will be able to get free subscriptions for a limited time to test this amazing service.



Pixta offers millions of photos, illustrations and footage at affordable prices. With free photos available every week, Pixta has many good things in store for its customers around the world. The site also offers multiple plans to fit every budget.


Free Digital Photos

Though Free Digital Photos offers royalty-free images for free, they pay good money to contributors for every high quality photo they get. With a wide range of categories to choose from as well as an easy-to-use interface, Free Digital Photos has everything you need to get amazing photos for free.



This company is great. Based in the UK, they have a beautiful and wide-ranging collection of stunning stock photos. They also offer 50 free images in ultra high resolution. Nothing beats quality free stock photos right?



Stock photography is a great way to be able to make money from your photos, and most of the time you still get to retain ownership of the originals! This is crucial if you value your art, and are hesitant to simply sign it over to a company for a paycheck. These companies are often looking for iconic pictures of places and things that are recognizable, like this set of photos of the San Francisco landscape for example.


Are you a photographer, and looking for another way to make money with photography (other than selling your photos to these stock photography agencies)? Then make sure you head over to the make money with photography page. Just starting out and need to learn the ropes? Then check out this article that describes the best way how to learn beginner photography.


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